Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Student Visa

Hooray! I'm FINALLY finished acquiring all of my stuff for my student visa application! I sent all of my stuff via UPS this afternoon, and hopefully it won't take too long to get my passport/visa back. I'm not really worried about not getting it in time because they said as long as you send it at least one month before you leave, you should be okay. So with 2 months to go before I leave, I should be fine! I the cost of shipping it was a little ridiculous. If I wanted to get it there before 5:00 on Thursday, it was gonna be like $15, but I asked for something cheaper, and having it delivered most likely by Friday, possibly Monday, it was only $7. I clearly chose the $7 option. One more day isn't gonna make that much of a difference. Anyway, I'm glad I've gotten that out of the way. Soon I'll be ready to go!

I sort of started getting ready for camp today, and by sort of I mean that I got my camp bedding out of the basement and that's it...I'm such a procrastinator. Oh well. I say that getting the application mailed was a big enough accomplishment for the day. I always have so much stuff that I take to camp and never end up using, but you never know what you might need when you get there, so I feel that it's always better to have everything I think I could possibly need. I remember my first year of camp, I had my trunk packed for like a month before I actually went to camp. Now I generally wait until the last minute, i.e. the night before. I'm pretty good at remembering everything I need though, so it works out. Besides, if you pack too early in advance, you have no clothes to wear because they're all in your trunk packed tight. Well I supposed I should go and start figuring out which shirts to bring and such. Bye!

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