Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It's Official!

The road trip officially begins on Friday when my roommate and her high school friend make their way to my house in Kentucky! My roommate found this website called Roadtrip USA that was a great source for finding roadtrip routes across the country. Our plans won't take us directly on a specific route but we thought it would be a good idea to try to follow them in general. From Kentucky, we'll make our way up through Chicago to Minnesota, then roughly follow the "Oregon Trail" route listed on the website (best route name by far!). Hitting various spots along the way, we'll start heading down through California, then over to Vegas, and back towards Kentucky on what the website calls the "Loneliest Road." I'm not sure how about I feel about being on a route called the loneliest, but perhaps there will be some interesting roadside attractions! It should be a fun trip! Since we're all recent college graduates and are poor, we're trying to keep costs down by camping as often as possible and staying with friends who happen to be along the way.

As for the possibility of going to South Africa this summer, it no longer exists. After a very unnecessarily long application reviewing/interviewing process, I was informed that all of the positions in South Africa had been filled. It's just as well, I guess. I can't imagine what the crowds would be like there with the World Cup going on. It would be insane! I do wish that they had let me know sooner, though, instead of dragging this process out for almost a month longer than they originally said it would take. Whatever, I get to go across America and see a lot of places I've never seen.

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