Thursday, August 28, 2008

Well, I'm on my way!

Ok, so I haven't actually left yet...I'm not leaving until tomorrow morning, but I figured I probably won't have much time to update again before I leave considering I'll be running around packing everything, praying that my suitcase weighs less than 50 pounds, and still trying to finish reading my last book. I'm hoping to have at least half of it read before I leave. We'll see. So anyway, I leave tomorrow morning, flying out of Cincinnati to JFK. From there, I'll meet up with the group of people from my program and we'll all fly to Johannesburg together. It takes such a long time to get there, that our plane actually makes a little pit-stop in Senegal instead of going straight there. I should arrive in Johannesburg around 5pm SAST which is about 11am EST. That's right, I'll be traveling for over a day.

Anyway, once we arrive in Johannesburg, we'll spend a few days there seeing the sights, getting over jet lag, and getting oriented to life in South Africa. Then, we'll head to Durban, where I'll stay with a family in the suburbs for several weeks. I'm not exactly sure when I'll be able to access the internet, but I will try to update as soon as I can. Well, I should probably get pack to packing all of my things up. See you in a few months!


Mom said...

Hi Sarah!
Hope your plane arrived safely...we'd like to hear how it went. Did you meet any new friends with the program? Where are you staying? Inquiring minds want to know.

UK beat UL 27 to 2...Go CATS!

Your grandad turned 91 today. He and grandma say hello as do Bennett and Nini! Hope to hear from you really soon!

Mom (and Dad)

Hollis1958 said...

Sarah, I hear from your Mom that you made it safely and are already touring (I think she misses you just a bit!). You go girl!
Did I ever tell you I knew a few kids from Africa? LOL! I am sharing the blog with them. Henry Clay did well in soccer this weekend in spite of any coaching, AGAIN LOL! Will you be able to upload pictures? I hope so.
It's about 10:40pm here on Monday night. I've been painting all day and have managed to spill it on the carpet, on myself and on Philip's bed. I also think I must have gotten some on Lola's nose as it is a different color than I remember. I'm sending hugs and will keep you in my prayers. Have a GREAT adventure. Love, Paula