Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Lack of time to update...

Ok...so I haven't really updated in a while, but that's because camp has been pretty nuts lately. The July session ended really well, and went very smoothly. August started off well, but then we got plagued by this 24-hour sickness. It's been insane. I got sick last Saturday and pretty much slept the majority of Sunday. So many people have gotten sick. Some of the nurses even got sick, so they recruited me to help out in the infirmary. Basically, you get a lot of nausea and then you throw up everything you've eaten that day. And then you can't eat or drink anything for several hours because if you do, you'll just throw up again and get worse. But the worst of it is over, and we're all getting back on our feet, so that's good.

I'll be back from camp this Friday, which will be exactly 2 weeks from the date of my departure for South Africa! I am so excited! I have so much packing to do! And lots of reading. I'm supposed to have read 4 books by the time I get there (about the history of the country, etc.), and I'm still not even finished with my first one (Nelson Mandela's autobiography). It's really good, but I find that at camp, other things like showering or sleeping take precedence over reading. I'm almost finished with this book though. My goal is to finish it before I get home and then power through the others. Two of them are more like textbooks. I'm thinking with those they just want us to have general knowledge of the history/state of things, rather than knowing specific facts. We'll see. Well, it's getting late and I should probably be heading back to my cabin. Bye!

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