Thursday, July 3, 2008

Wooooooo camp!

So I've been at camp for several days now, and things are going pretty well. I think I have a great cabin. They're all so full of energy and are super-excited to be here. We won the "Cute as a Button" award at the County Fair on the second night of camp. They dressed up with their "buddy cabin," which is a cabin from the older group of girls, as Holy Cow. They also won the best overall award with their double cabin (the cabin connected to us) for Airband. Airband is basically a lip sync for all of the campers. They did their performance to "Ghostbusters" and it was quite wonderful. They had an amazing performance, if I do say so myself. My July cabin has gotten an award at airband every year since 2001, and this is the 2nd time we've gotten Best Overall! I'm pretty proud. I've Tonight we had a magic show for evening program, and one of my campers got sawed in half. It was pretty cool. So yeah, things are going great, and my day off is this Saturday. I don't really know when I can update next, but hopefully it will be relatively soon. Bye!

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